February Update 2024



  • Public templates for question series
    Question series can now be shared with other Particify users. Via the settings menu in the overview of a question series, it can be published under a Creative Commons license. The templates can be accessed via the "Public templates" item in the main menu.

  • New question format: Find the number
    With the new interactive question format “Find the number“, participants can answer with a number in a defined range. Specifying a correct answer is optional. The results are visualized in a bar chart that groups ranges of numbers. Statistics such as mean value, median, standard deviation etc. are displayed below the chart.

Further Changes

  • Improved Q&A
    We have redesigned the search and filter bar of the Q&A function. The search bar and the current sorting are now always displayed. In addition, active filters are directly displayed and can be removed with one click.

  • New main menu
    The main menu has been modernised to make it clearer and easier to use on mobile devices.

  • More answer options
    Up to 12 answer options can now be created for multiple choice, sorting and prioritization questions.

Minor things

  • Longer room and question series names
    The character limit for room and question series names has been increased to 50 characters.

  • Detail improvements
    To meet our high standards, we are constantly improving the user interface to provide you with the highest level of usability.

  • Minor bug fixes
    With any kind of software, little bugs creep in here and there. We are always looking for bugs or undesirable behavior to fix. If we did miss something, feel free to write us.

  • and much more …

Have fun with the latest changes! We welcome feedback in our feedback room.