Live Q&A

With Particify’s Q&A feature, you let all participants have their say. The audience can ask questions or write feedback at any time.

Control through moderation

With the moderation function, only lecture-appropriate comments remain on the list or are already sorted out before publication. You can give moderation rights to multiple users.

Prioritization through voting

By evaluating the questions of others, the most important questions can be answered in a prioritized way.

No fear of stupid questions

Anonymity lowers the inhibition threshold for writing comments. The voices of participants who would otherwise not dare are also heard.


In the presentation mode you can go through the questions beqeum one after the other. Sorting by rating allows you to put the most important questions first.


You can answer the questions in writing. This ensures an exchange with your participants even during asynchronous events.


Create categories for the comments. This way you can better assign the comments of the participants.


Export your questions and answers. This way you can save them or evaluate them in other ways.