Quizzes and Surveys

With quizzes and surveys from Particify, you challenge your audience to actively participate. The versatile question formats ensure varied interaction.

Determine knowledge level

With knowledge questions you can determine the current level of knowledge of your audience. After the voting, you can share the results with the participants.

Perform evaluation

Evaluate your event with Likert questions. Participants can anonymously tell you what they particularly liked or disliked about the event.

Live and asynchronous

Create question series that can be shared at any time. Whether before, during, or after an event, you can prompt participants.

Interactive presentations

Design entire presentations with Particify. In addition to questions, info slides can be created to convey content or tasks to work on.


Markdown and LaTeX can be used to make questions and slides even more appealing. For example, formulas, lists and tables can be integrated.


Depending on the question format, the participant’s answers are visualized with bar charts, word clouds or text lists.

Import and export

Export your questions and slides. This way you can back up your data and reuse it in other rooms.