What is an ARS?

An Audience Response Ssystem is an interactive tool that can be used in teaching and lecturing events to improve the interactivity between the lecturer and the audience. Today, web-based ARS are used, which allow the participation on the own smartphone or notebook.

Can I use Particify for free?

Yes, the basic functionality of Particify is free and can be used at any time via our web service. This is open source software, which we make available on Gitlab under the respective licenses. If the basic functions are not enough, there will be more comprehensive packages available soon, offering even more features.

What happens to my personal data?

Many functions of our service can be used without providing personal data. If it is necessary to provide personal data, this will only be processed for the intended purpose and will not be passed on to advertisers or similar at any time.

Can I use Particify only in face-to-face teaching?

No, Particify’s features are also suitable for online teaching or hybrid events. Posting comments before, during, and after the event leaves no questions unanswered. Live polling and sharing of question sets can also motivate participants to collaborate and learn at home.

Can I also use Particify in my company?

Although Particify is optimized for use in teaching, it can be used in many different ways in all kinds of areas. For example, surveys on employee satisfaction can be started or an anonymous feedback channel can be offered with the comment board.

Do I need to register to use Particify?

No, new rooms can be created as well as entered as a guest. However, the rooms will be deleted after 180 days of inactivity.

Can I transfer my data from arsnova.eu?

Yes, sessions created under arsnova.eu can be imported with a token. More information is available here.

What will the pricing model look like?

It is anticipated that there will be three different subscription offers. Two of them for individuals and one for institutions. The packages will differ in terms of additional features, specific customizations, different authentication options and different support.

How can I provide Particify for our university?

For the provision of your own Particify installation in the campus network or in our server landscape, we offer services around the installation, customization and maintenance of the system.

What are rooms in Particify?

A room can be thought of as a virtual lecture hall for an event. Within a room, polls can be started, question collections can be created, and a moderated comment board can be provided. Unlimited rooms can be created.

Who can moderate a room?

Any registered person can moderate rooms. Moderating persons can be easily added with their email address.

Is Particify available for Android or iOS?

Yes, the app can be added to the home screen directly from the browser and is not installed via app stores. Here there are instructions.

Can I include mathematical formulas in questions with LaTeX?

Yes, LaTeX can be used to include formulas of any kind in questions. Enclose the LaTeX formula with dollar signs (e.g. $\sum$) to activate the formatting.

Can images be included in questions?

Yes, for questions, room description, and comment responses, we support text formatting with Markdown. So images, tables, links and much more can be included.

How does moderation work in Particify?

To ensure that only lecture-appropriate comments remain on the list, it can be moderated live. For this purpose, the comments can be sorted out before or after publication. Whether the questions should be published directly can be defined in the room settings.