August Update 2021

Major Changes

  • Optimization of room overview
    The room view has been revised to provide a better overview. For this purpose, the elements were reduced and repositioned.

  • Renaming the features For a better and faster understanding of the features, we have adapted them to more common terms. For example, comments have been renamed Q&A, question collections have been renamed question series, and live polling has been renamed live feedback.

  • Different Likert templates
    We now offer a whole range of different Likert templates. This way, even more use cases can be mapped.

  • Switch between Q&A and moderation
    Presenters can now switch directly between the public and the moderated list. The counters of the existing contributions provide a better overview.

Further changes

  • Question series management
    Question series can now be created directly from the room overview. Deleting a question series is now possible without first deleting the content. The content ends up in the archive.

  • Diagram colors depending on question format
    For optimal visualization, we have adapted the colors of the bar chart for specific question formats. For example, a descending color palette was chosen for Likert content.

  • Answer counter on bars
    To see the number of responses directly, it is now displayed on the bars in the chart.

  • Automatic update of the question series list
    When a question series is unlocked or locked, it is now added or removed from the participants' room overview in real time.

Minor things

  • Detail improvements
    To meet our high standards, we are constantly improving the user interface to provide you with the highest level of usability.

  • Minor bug fixes
    With any kind of software, little bugs creep in here and there. We are always looking for bugs or undesirable behavior to fix. If we did miss something, feel free to write us.

  • and much more …

Have fun with the latest changes! We welcome feedback in our feedback room.