May Update 2021


  • Presentation mode
    Particify now has a presentation mode for live events. In this mode, the controls are reduced to a minimum and the focus is on the content. A control bar or the keyboard can be used to control the presentation. In presentation mode, the focus is on the content. Commentary is being presented.

  • New question format: Wordcloud
    Now there are word clouds for brainstorming sessions, as an icebreaker or for collecting ideas. Participants can answer with 1 to 10 keywords. A word cloud is then generated from the relative frequency of the terms. You can see a word cloud with many words that answer a question.

  • Import and Export of contents
    To save questions or reuse them in other collections or rooms, the questions in a collection can now be imported and exported. The settings menu in the view of a question collection has been extended with the options to import and export the questions.


  • Room settings
    The setting of room options has been made clearer. Among other things, categories for comments or moderating persons can be managed more easily. The settings are now more clearly structured.

  • More formatting options
    Text formatting with Markdown now supports syntax highlighting. There are also more formatting options for all question formats and LaTeX support has been extended. A question shows an example of syntax highlighting with Markdown.

  • Colorful charts
    By using different colors for the bars, diagrams are now clearer and more varied. The bars of the diagrams are now colored in different colors.

  • Advanced keyboard control
    Within the application you can now move even easier with the keyboard.

Minor things

  • Detail improvements
    To meet our high standards, we are constantly improving the user interface to provide you with the highest level of usability.

  • Minor bug fixes
    With any kind of software, little bugs creep in here and there. We are always looking for bugs or undesirable behavior to fix. If we did miss something, feel free to write us.

  • and much more …

Have fun with the latest changes! We welcome feedback in our feedback room.