November Update 2021

Major Changes

  • Optimized question answering
    After answering a multiple-choice question, participants are now shown the correct options. In addition, the selection of options has been optimized.

  • Improved keyboard control
    There is a new overview of all active key combinations, which can be called up at any time with the "H" key. Furthermore, the control with the keyboard and the announcement behavior have been improved for barrier-free operation.

Further changes

  • Shorter URLs and renaming
    The structure of the URLs has been optimized and adapted to the new designations in the app. However, existing links do not need to be adapted and continue to work.

  • Deleting answers
    In the overview of a question series it is now possible to reset the answers of all contents.

  • Login and registration
    When entering the password, it is now possible to view it again. The password selection is accompanied by a hint regarding the password strength. In addition, the views for logging in and registering have been extended by a text and logo.

Minor things

  • Detail improvements
    To meet our high standards, we are constantly improving the user interface to provide you with the highest level of usability.

  • Minor bug fixes
    With any kind of software, little bugs creep in here and there. We are always looking for bugs or undesirable behavior to fix. If we did miss something, feel free to write us.

  • and much more …

Have fun with the latest changes! We welcome feedback in our feedback room.