March Update 2022

Major changes

  • Results overview
    After answering content in a question series, participants are now shown an overview of their answers. If the question question series is a quiz, the percentage achieved is displayed. From here, participants can review the individual content or return to the room overview.

  • Navigation to presentation mode, settings and view of participants
    Buttons have been added to the app’s header bar that allow quick navigation to presentation mode, room settings, or view of the participants. The presentation mode is opened directly with the corresponding feature.

  • Presentation of multiple choice questions
    When presenting questions, the visualization unit of the answers can now be changed to percent. Furthermore, the answers can be displayed directly under the bars of the chart.

Further changes

  • Administration of Particify
    The system administration has been revised and now offers a better overview.

  • Q&A-Posts
    The view of Q&A posts has been optimized for both participants and creators.

  • Color adjustments
    Even if you hardly notice it: The text and background colors have been adjusted so that they have a slightly weaker contrast. This should relieve the eyes a bit during intensive use. Furthermore, the colors have been adjusted in a few other places to offer an even more consistent and intuitive user interface.

  • Question series: List of different formats
    In the list of a question series, the format is now indicated with an icon for each content.

Minor things

  • Detail improvements
    To meet our high standards, we are constantly improving the user interface to provide you with the highest level of usability.

  • Minor bug fixes
    With any kind of software, little bugs creep in here and there. We are always looking for bugs or undesirable behavior to fix. If we did miss something, feel free to write us.

  • and much more …

Have fun with the latest changes! We welcome feedback in our feedback room.