Why Particify?

No matter if university, school or company—Particify is always a good choice. But what makes our tool so special?


Use rooms for one-time events or to accompany events over a longer period of time.


Assign moderation rights to assistants or colleagues who support you with your rooms.

Didactically proven

Particify’s features are designed specifically for teaching and adapt to your needs.

Online, face to face, hybrid

With Particify, everyone can participate—whether in the lecture hall, on the road, or at home.

Live and asynchronous

Particify’s features allow interaction before, during, and after an event, or completely asynchronously.

secure server

Your data is kept safe and GDPR compliant on our servers in Germany.

Particify for universities

With Particify, you activate your students, test knowledge, and get honest feedback on your lectures.

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Particify for schools

Create varied and exciting lessons where all learners have their say and have fun.

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Particify for business

Get honest feedback, which you can use to improve your organization in the long term.

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