Particify for business

Engage with your employees in an exchange. With interactive meetings and anonymous feedback, you can improve your organization sustainably.

secure server

Your data is kept safe and GDPR compliant on our servers in Germany.

Face to face, hybrid, remote

With Particify, all employees can participate—whether on-site, on the road, or in a home office.


Use rooms for one-time events or to accompany events over a longer period of time.

Give everyone a voice

With the anonymous Q&A you create a place for feedback and questions. This way, everyone can get involved and share their ideas at any time.

Host fun meetings

Ensure attention in meetings with anoynmous polls and let everyone participate in decision making. To constantly improve the quality of meetings, collect feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Test the knowledge in trainings

With interactive quizzes, you can test the knowledge level of your employees and make sure everyone can follow.

Impress with stunning events

Invite the audience to actively participate in your presentation. Use word clouds and surveys to make your events interactive and ensure attention.