Particify for schools

Make your lessons interactive. With Particify’s features, you can reach all students and make learning fun and engaging.

Didactically proven

Particify’s features are designed specifically for teaching and adapt to your needs.


Use rooms for one-time events or to accompany lessons over a longer period of time.

Face to face and online

With Particify, all students can participate—whether in the classroom or at home.

Test the knowledge

Create quizzes that determines the current learning level of the students. This will ensure learning success and add variation to your lessons.

Evaluate your lessons

With surveys and live feedback, you determine student satisfaction and can improve your teaching directly during class and over the long term.

Give everyone a voice

Use anonymous Q&A to give your students a place to provide feedback and ask questions. Each other’s posts can be prioritized.

Collect ideas together

With word clouds you can collect and visualize students' ideas quickly. This way, you let everyone actively participate and secure attention.